The Canadian Rockies Earth Science Resource Centre (Centre) is being set up to give geoscience information, outreach and programming for junior / senior high school and university students, new industry employees and also for the general public (locals, tourists, etc.).


The space for the Centre was purchased in October 2013.  The last year has been spent designing and contracting improvements to the space. The interior building construction work was completed in March 2015. The making of geoscience displays for the exhibition space of the facility is underway.  The facility is anticipated to be operational by late spring 2015.

The Centre is a ~2000 square foot facility located at 111 829 10th St., Canmore including a reception area, small giftshop area, a geosciences library, an exhibition space, 2 bathrooms (1 wheelchair accessible), an office and a small conference room.

The Centre has been able to partner/negotiate with the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre (Museum) for some exhibits including the Operation Bow Athabasca exhibit, along with some other geoscience materials, to be set up in the new facility. Talisman Energy Inc. has donated its geoscience library to the Centre. The Centre is working with a number of geologist to have a collection of fossils on display.  The Centre is also hoping to have some seismic lines to display on the wall in the exhibition area and to use in educational programming.


The Centre will be open to the public a number of days a week, initially manned by the owner and a few volunteers. A fee will be charged for entrance to the exhibition area with additional charges for presentations. Once things are more fully operational, a director will be hired to manage the day to day activities and be open to the public 5 days a week.

The Centre is interested in presenting geoscience material focused mainly on the formation of the Rockies but also including topical issues in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, and to a much lesser extent, to the rest of Canada and the world. The Centre hopes to present this material to school students, university students in the geosciences and also to new hires in the oil industry. The owner would particularly like to include University of Victoria (where he went to university) and also the Monkman area of N. E. B.C. (where he spent most of his career) in some form of geoscience outreach.

Once open, the exhibition area of the Centre will be open to the public 5 days a week during the summer with geoscience presentations where appropriate. The first year of operation will involve some experimentation with a number of activities.  The Centre will continue with geoscience programs such as the CSEG’s Geophysical Industry Field Trip (GIFT), APEGA’s National Engineering and Geoscience Month (NEGM) activities at elementary schools in Calgary, APEGA’s Rock and Fossil Clinic, the Museum’s Geoscience Day, geoscience outreach to schools (grade 7 and up) and oil industry tours. The intention is to partner with the Museum on activities where appropriate.

The Centre expects to continue to be involved with the Mount Royal University students through the Museum’s program and with the University of Calgary students through the Imperial Oil Core Sample Project.

So far this year, a presentation was made on January 22 to a group of Talisman Retirees and on January 23 to the University of Calgary’s Friday Afternoon Technical Series (FATS).  FATS provided a good interaction with U of C students and will hopefully be a regular occurrence in the future. A presentation was also made to grade 7 students at Westmount School in Okotoks on February 10. The Centre partnered with the Museum at the Earth Science for Society (ESfS) event at the Big Four building March 15-17 and at the NEGM at 3 elementary schools in Calgary in March.

The Centre expects to be involved in Seismic in Motion (SIM) operated by the Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors (CAGC). This is a 3-day “seismic field school” for oil industry people and busloads of high school students. It is located 16 km north of the TransCanada highway along the foothills at Waiparous.

Budget Comments

Funding of operations will come from exhibition entrance fees and presentations. Some part of the revenues for programs will hopefully come from sponsors/donors.


The Centre is embarking on an ambitious program to expose the general public to geoscience using the fabulous backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. It is hoped that oil industry companies and societies will see value in this undertaking and consider being a sponsor of the annual activities as laid out in the Operations section above.

Rick Green, P. Geoph., FGC,

Owner, Canadian Rockies Earth Science Resource Centre

May 10, 2015