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Earth Science Assistant Opportunity at CRESRC

This is a Job Opportunity as an Earth Science Assistant at the Canadian Rockies Earth Science Resource Centre ( during the summer of 2021. This position is partially funded by a 2021 Canada Summer Jobs grant. The offer is contingent on satisfying the Canada Summer Jobs grant requirements (see EMP5397). It is understood that the applicant,
1) agrees to work 35 hours/week for 8 weeks straight (at a minimum),
2) must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee (see CSJ guidelines) and
3) must be between 15 and 30 (inclusive) at the time of employment start.

The hourly rate is $20/hour plus vacation pay at 4% of base salary and less income tax, Employment Insurance (EI) and Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Payroll is monthly and cheques are given out by the 5th day of the month for the past month’s work. The work term will start as early as Wednesday June 16 and end on approximately Sunday September 5. The standard work-week is Wednesday to Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm (7 hours per day, 35 hours per week). These hours may be adjusted to account for special events causing changes in daily operations. No overtime is anticipated. Adjustments to the work-week will be discussed and dealt with on a mutually agreeable basis.

The Earth Science Assistant position involves interacting with the general public in the geoscience exhibition area, presenting geoscience outreach to the general public including children, maintaining current and creating new geoscience exhibits and working with and learning industry software (IHS’s Accumap and Kingdom Suite, Tesseral’s seismic modeling package and possibly a seismic processing system). A presentation of a mutually-agreeable summer project will be required at the end of the term. The employee will be encouraged to take an increasing level of responsibility as the summer progresses. A day-long geological field trip is possible – dependent on weather, lack of bear closures, forest fires and/or smoke.

The owner of CRESRC is a retired geophysicist who holds a broad spectrum of geoscience work experience from both industry and government. Working at CRESRC presents the opportunity for ample one-on-one mentoring time and the owner will be in contact with the employee on a regular basis. This is a great opportunity to gain insight into working as a geologist or geophysicist in the oil industry.

The opportunity is open to students who have finished at least three years of study in a university-level geophysics or geology program. The deadline for applying for this position is May 15, 2021. If you are interested, please contact me at or 403 870-7999.

Richard Green, P. Geoph., FGC. (Owner/ President, CRESRC)