Earth Science for Society 2022

The Earth Science for Society event restarted after an absence of 2 ½ years due to COVID-19 closures. It was held between November 27 – 29, 2022. The location changed from the Big 4 building in the Stampede grounds and to the McQwen Hall at the University of Calgary. The number of booths and the attendance were less this year than in the past. Also many groups found it difficult to regain volunteers from previous years to help out. CRESRC had 2 staff on Sunday and 5 volunteers for Monday and Tuesday, working at CRESRC’s booth. Three of the five volunteers did 2 shifts while 2 did one shift. I was available throughout the event to help out as needed. A big thank you to those that volunteered!

Approximately 800 grade 3 and grade 7 students came by the busload from a number of schools to attend the Monday and Tuesday sessions during the day. In addition, approximately 400 general public, girl guides and some other groups came by on Sunday during the day and Monday evening. A very successful event!