University of Victoria & MD85

UVic – November 2, 2016
Rick gave a presentation titled “My life with Rocks and Squiggles – a Geophysicist’s Story” to ~33 geoscience students at the University of Victoria on November 2, 2016 during one of their monthly General Assembly of Students in Earth and Ocean Sciences (GASEOS) meetings. Pizza was served as usual. The presentation lasted about an hour and a number of students stayed afterwards to ask questions. The students said they were happy to see what some geophysicists actually do in the oil industry.


MD85 – November 4/5, 2016
Rick also gave a Doug Talk (modeled after TED Talks) with the same title as above at the Mount Douglas High School as part of the 85th anniversary of the Mount Douglas High School celebrations (MD85) on November 4 & 5, 2016.